It's a positive thing because it is awesome that the higher central government stays concerned with matters which have an affect on the whole nation such as foreign policy. Mean while the lower position in authority takes responsibility for local concerns such as housing and varies of case to case. I believe it was designed to keep the nation united and under control. It also orginizes the principal of the political system. Federalism gives everyone certain advantages of combinations of national and regional interests. It watchs checks and balances between the federal government on one hand and many other regional government on the other.Another good thing about Federalism is that each state can be independent since each state can take into account their diversity in making decisions about how they provide services.

One of the negative things about the Federalism system is that some people do not percieve the best or least exspensenses services that the government can offer.Another reason we believe federalism is negative would be that republicans don't just want a manager they want people to hear them out, a communicator and a visionary. They want part in what they have to follow.Federalism also gets competetive between governments results in the best society with like the most freedom and the most prosperity.